The desire of every good coach is to see the people under them elevate their game to the next level. Coach Bob Knight said, “The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” A Ray of Hope on Earth helps athletes prepare to win in the game of life through Chaplaincy services and the Life Beyond the Game initiative.


Ray spent five seasons as Team Chaplain for the Chicago Bears. Along with his wife Michelle, he has continued providing chapel services for professional and youth sports teams. He’s lead chapel for visiting NFL teams like the Browns, Bills, Chargers, Ravens, and Raiders, University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois University, Timothy Christian High School, Everest Academy, and others. The forty-day devotional, “From Grace to Renewal”, was inspired from his work as a chaplain.


As a former player in the NFL, Ray understands firsthand the challenges of being a professional athlete. And his wife Michelle understands the unique dynamic of being married to one. After serving time as chaplain for the Bears, it became evident to Ray and Michelle that their challenges as a couple were not unique to them. To tackle the staggering statistics surrounding professional athletes dealing with bankruptcy, depression, and marital turmoil within two or more years of retirement, Ray and Michelle developed a comprehensive program titled “Ascender”.

The mission of Ascender is to facilitate and expose the greatness of the athlete beyond the sport at which they excel. This program empowers athletes and spouses by exploring the additional talents they possess, transforms their mindset about their identity, and inspires them to move forward into their life’s purpose by providing a comprehensive action plan. The goal is to offer a practical approach to helping athletes and their spouses/families enter confidently into the next “season” of their lives. Whether that next level is entering into the new world of professional athletics, going to the next level in your athletic career, or exit strategy preparation, we are here to assist the next Ascender!

If you are a professional athlete who is serious about successfully taking your pre-, current, or post-sports career to the next level, Ascender personally understands what you are going through. What good is it to be a physically prepared but mentally and emotionally starving?

For more details regarding Ascender, please contact us at or 855-65-4HOPEx101.

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